2017 Annual Meeting
Wawa, ON
May 10 & 11, 2017


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All events for the 63rd Annual ILSG Meeting will take place at the Michipicoten Memorial Community Centre. The Wawa Motor Inn has a block of rooms for ILSG registrants that are held until April 1, please tell them your reservation is part of the Institute on Lake Superior Geology. A list of Wawa accommodations is provided below. We recommend you reserve your accommodation as soon as you can.

Wawa Motor Inn
118 Mission Road P.O.Box 1190
Wawa. ON POS 1KO
Phone: (705) 856-2278
Fax: (705) 856-2171
Email: wawamoto@shawbiz.ca
Website: www.wawamotorinn.com

Contact details for other Wawa hotels are listed below.

Other Hotels:

Algoma Motel, 164 Mission Road, Wawa
Open year round 7 am to 11 pm
Phone: 705-856-7010
Email: reservations@algomamotel.com
Website: www.algomamotel.com          

Beaver Motel, 148 Mission Road, Wawa
Open 7 days per week, reservations call 866-819-4286
Phone: 705-856-2294
Email: reservations@beavermotel.com
Website: www.beavermotel.com           

Best Northern Motel and Restaurant, Highway 17 S, Wawa
Open April 15 to December 15, reservations call 800-434-8240
Phone: 705-856-7302
Email: bestnorthern@shaw.ca
Website: www.bestnorthern.ca             

Bristol Motel, 170 Mission Road, Wawa
Open 24-7, reservations call 866-481-9826
Phone: 705-856-2385
Email: info@bristolmotel.com
Website: www.bristolmotel.com           

High Falls Motel & Cabins, Highway 17 S, Wawa
Open April to Nov, reservations call 888-856-4490
Phone: 705-856-4496
Email: annzen@shaw.ca Website: www.highfallsmotel.com

Lakeview Hotel, 24 Broadway Ave, Wawa
Open 24-7
Phone: 705-856-2625
Email: lakeviewhotel@shawbiz.ca

Mystic Isle Motel, Highway 17 S, Wawa
Open April to November
Phone: 705-856-1737
Email: mysticisle@mysticisle.com
Website: www.mysticisle.com

Parkway Motel, 232 Highway 17, Wawa
Open year round, reservations call 800-380-1525
Phone: 705-856-7020
Email: stay@parkwaymotel.com
Website: www.parkway.com

Sportsman's Motel, 171 Mission Road Wawa
Open year round
Phone: 705-856-2272
Email: thesportsmanmotel@gmail.com
Website: www.sportsmanmotelwawa.com

White Fang Motel, 133 Highway 17 S, Wawa
Open April to December, reservations call 877-399-2672
Phone: 705-856-0344
Email: whitefangmotel@shawbiz.ca
Website: www.whitefangmotel.com



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