In August of 2009 Mark Smyk and Pete Hollings led their third trip to the Slate Islands with 14 new visitors. Once again we were very lucky with the weather although the fog threatened to obscure a few locations it held off just long enough. The Slate Islands are the proposed site of a ~450Ma meteorite impact. The following photos record some of the highlights.

While there are no immediate plans to run another trip to the Slate Islands we may do it again if there is suficient interest. So if you think you might like to see these rocks for yourselves then contact the ILSG Secretary and we will add you to the waiting list. Alternatively you can download the guide book from the publications page of this web site.

Mark Smyk waiting for the group to land at the first stop of the day (courtesy Charlie Greig)

Pete Hollings and Mark Smyk introducing everyone to the Slates (courtesy Charlie Greig)

Pete Hollings organising lunch (courtesy Charlie Greig)

Exploring the megabreccia (courtesy Charlie Greig)

Adam Fage enjoying the cruise between stops (courtesy Charlie Greig)

Relaxing at the Come'n'Rest before heading back to Terrace Bay (courtesy Charlie Greig)

Ferrying the group ashore (courtesy Susan Flasha)

John Scott and Pete Hollings cruising between stops (courtesy Susan Flasha)

Enjoying the view (courtesy Susan Flasha)

Charlie Greig (courtesy Susan Flasha)

Heading out of the harbour at Terrace Bay (courtesy Mark Smyk)

Pete Hollings explaining the first stop (courtesy Mark Smyk)

Katie Sheridan (courtesy Mark Smyk)

Charlie Greig provides a taxi service (courtesy Mark Smyk)

Lunch (courtesy Mark Smyk)

Pete Hollings and John Scott discuss the next stop (courtesy Mark Smyk)

Disembarking to view the mega breccia (courtesy Ethan Dawson)

Landing in the mist at the first stop (courtesy Ethan Dawson)

Katie Sheridan (courtesy Ethan Dawson)

Mark and Pete explain the giant shatter cone (courtesy Ethan Dawson)

Glassy Lake Superior (courtesy Ethan Dawson)

Visible gold flakes in felsic volcanics (courtesy Ethan Dawson)

The 2009 Slate Islands trip participants (courtesy Katie Sheridan)


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