In August of 2007 Mark Smyk and Pete Hollings led a second trip to the Slate Islands with eight new visitors and two returnees from last years trip. As with last year we were very lucky with the weather, but this year the fact that water levels were 18" lower than last year, meant that we were treated to some wonderful new exposures. The Slate Islands are the proposed site of a ~450Ma meteorite impact. The following photos record some of the highlights.

While there are no immediate plans to run another trip to the Slate Islands we may do it again if there is suficient interest. So if you think you might like to see these rocks for yourselves then contact the ILSG Secretary and we will add you to the waiting list. Alternatively you can download the guide book from the publications page of this web site.

Cobble beach (courtesy Pete Hollings)

Examining the 10m shatter cone in McGreavy Harbour (courtesy Pete Hollings)

Impact breccias - compare this photo to Ken Storm's image from 2006 to get an idea of the drop in water levels (courtesy Pete Hollings)

Interflow sediments in the Osler volcanics on the west shore of Patterson Island (or the Dragon's Tail interflow sandstone as Bill Addison calls it). The photo on the left was taken in 2007 while the one on the right was taken in 2006 (courtesy Pete Hollings)

Graham Wilson with the "hamburger Rock" (courtesy Al MacTavish)

Don't panic...lunch is coming ! (courtesy Al MacTavish)

Justin Johnson (courtesy Al MacTavish)

Mark Smyk (courtesy Al MacTavish)

From left to right - Graham Wilson, Justin Johnson, Ann Wilson and Norm Trowell (courtesy Al MacTavish)

Shatter cones in the Osler volcanics (courtesy Al MacTavish)

Peter Hinz - aka "Neoprene Boy" (courtesy Al MacTavish)

Greg Stott (courtesy Al MacTavish)

Norm Trowell (courtesy Al MacTavish)

Doug Coldwell (courtesy Al MacTavish)

Manning the "drill" at Horace Cove (courtesy Al MacTavish)

John Scott (courtesy Al MacTavish)

Steve Dutch (courtesy Al MacTavish)

Len Espinosa (left) and Steve Dutch (courtesy Al MacTavish)

Sheared and fractured felsic fragmental unit (courtesy Al MacTavish)

Pete Hollings taking a dip (courtesy Al MacTavish)

Caribou (courtesy Al MacTavish)

Omars (courtesy Graham Wilson)

Small shatter cones in the Gunflint (courtesy Graham Wilson)

More beautiful shatter cones (courtesy Len Espinosa)

The 2007 group shot (courtesy Len Espinosa)

Discussing the breccias (courtesy Len Espinosa)

The megabreccia (courtesy Len Espinosa)

The megabreccia (courtesy Len Espinosa)

Caribou tracks (courtesy Len Espinosa)

Pete Hollings, Al MacTavish and Justin Johnson (courtesy Len Espinosa)

Another caribou shot (courtesy Len Espinosa)

The flotilla docked at the base of the giant shatter cone (courtesy Len Espinosa)


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